Compiling Wine on the Raspberry Pi – Initial Attempt, the Configuration Script

Yesterday I used colorful words to convey my assumption that very little work has been done in the area of getting the free software program Wine to work on the Raspberry Pi platform. Boy was I wrong. I downloaded the version 2.12 release of the development source and ran the configuration script. I was greeted with a few errors for lack of dependencies, but they were the same errors I have received in the past when compiling on an x86 or x64 machine.

Once I had those dependencies installed, the configuration script completed successfully, but recommended several packages that would make a compiled instance of Wine more functional and enjoyable to use. I will list those packages here for those who wish to compile their own version of Wine for the Raspberry Pi using Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2. After I had those packages installed, I ran the configuration script one more time with no issue. It is remarkable how many libraries have been ported over for the armhf architecture. This almost seems too easy. I checked for an actual Wine binary in the Ubuntu package repository using Synaptic Package Manager. Wine-Development, libwine-development, wine-mono0.0.08, wine32-development, and winetricks are available in the repository, but the actual Wine runtime binary is not.

I will continue my attempt to compile the Wine development snapshot 2.12 on the Raspberry Pi and will report my progress. As promised, here are the suggested libraries and their current Ubuntu 16.04.2 packages.

libjpeg – libjpeg-dev
libgnutls – libgnutls-dev
libxslt – libxslt1-dev
libxml2 – libxml2-dev
libldap – libldap2-dev
libopenal – libopenal-dev
libmpg123 – libmpg123-dev
libtiff – libtiff5-dev
libgsm – libgsm1-dev
libcups – libcups2-dev
libcapi20 – libcapi20-dev
libudev – libudev-dev
gstreamer-1.0 – libgstreamer1.0-dev
libpulse – libpulse-dev
liblcms2 – liblcms2-dev
libgphoto2_port – libgphoto2-port12
libgphoto2 – libgphoto2-dev
libv4l – libv4l-dev
libsane – libsane-dev
lib(n)curses – libncurses5-dev
libdbus – libdbus-1-dev
pcap – libpcap-dev
OpenCL – ocl-icd-opencl-dev
libOSMesa – libosmesa6-dev
libGLU – libglu1-mesa-dev
libxcomposite – libxcomposite-dev
libxinerama – libxinerama-dev
libxfixes – libxfixes-dev
libxrandr – libxrandr-dev
libXxf86vm – libxxf86vm-dev
XShape – libxcb-shape0-dev
XShm – libxshmfence-dev
libxi – libxi-dev
libxcursor – libxcursor-dev

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